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April 17, 2012

Who Should Fill My Eyeglass Prescription? | Eye Care

A question that I am often asked is: “Who can best fill my prescription for eyeglasses?”

Gone are the days when filling an eye glasses prescription simply consisted of choosing between glass and plastic lenses, and putting those lenses in a plastic or metal frame. Today, with improvements in frame design and lens materials, your optometrist can prescribe eyewear that is customized to your individual visual needs. With our increased use of technology, eyeglasses will continue to evolve not only in fashion, but functionally as well.

Eyeglasses can be purchased  from many different sources, at a variety of costs, from a superstore, to the internet.  Although the low price may be appealing, you need to be aware that there can also problems associated with these types of purchases.  With all the choices in lenses and eyeglasses, we believe it is important to get fitted correctly by people who understand your prescription.  What is the best frame for someone who is presbyopic?  If you have a very high prescription, what kind of lenses do you need to make them the thinnest and lightest they can be?  These are questions that we answer everyday.   At Doctors Vision Center, you can be sure that our Doctors have as much to do with your eye exam as they do with what type of frame and lens they recommend.  You can feel very confident when getting a pair of glasses from Doctors Vision Center that it will both fit your visual needs and your personality as well.

Vision impacts everything we do, make sure you are getting the best for your eyes!  Request your eye exam online today or stop by one of our offices to see our selection of designer frames!

Dr. Ted Watson

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