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August 30, 2011

What is an Optos?

Optos is an ultra wide-field imaging technology now offered at Doctors Vision Center. This new technology is a unique way to look inside the eye. Like a panoramic picture, the Optos instrument takes wide-field images of the internal structures of the eye using specialized laser light. Optos technology helps your eye doctor make a more thorough assessment of your eye health and can also aid in the diagnosis and detection of other potentially serious general health concerns.

The ease and convenience of documenting at least 82% of the inside of the eye goes a long way in aiding the doctor during an eye exam and detecting any signs of early development of eye disease.  A comprehensive health evaluation of the eye includes testing for prescription changes as well as taking a look at the front of the eye, but a thorough screening of the retina is critical. The Optomap image produces an impressive image of the retina during the examination.

The story of how the Optos instrument was developed is fascinating. Douglas Anderson’s son had been getting regular eye exams by the conventional testing available in 1990. Unfortunately an undiagnosed retinal detachment left Douglas’s son blind in one eye. Unfortunate occurrences often prompt individuals to take action. Douglas Anderson’s son’s situation motivated him to invent this new instrument. Over a period of years he conceived the idea of the technology that now exists in the Optos Wide Field Imaging system.

The Optos exam costs a small nominal fee to have performed. The power this exam has to identify eye and overall health issues greatly outweighs the additional monetary requirement. Its detection potential can give you a peace of mind knowing you have used the most up-to-date technology available. Ask your Doctors Vision Center optometrist about having an Optos exam at your next appointment.

Dr. Ted Watson

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