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March 19, 2013

Technology, Advancing Eye Care

Doctors Vision Center and our network eye care locations, take pride in providing the best eye care possible, by using the best technology available in vision care. Technology plays an important roll throughout our patient’s entire visit in the office from the comprehensive eye exam to determining the perfect pair of lenses and eyeglasses.

technologyThe Optomap

The Optomap is an advanced imaging instrument that produces a wide field view of the back of the eye.  This retinal image allows the eye doctor to get a much closer view of the retina and any potential vision or health issues that may be present. The Optomap can pick up subtle defects that the human eye alone, may not see, such as:

  • Retinal detachment
  • Blocked blood vessels in the eye
  • Macula edema
  • Glaucoma

This advancement in technology provides the eye doctor with a clear view of a part of the body where details were previously limited ; a part of the body that reveals clues to a patient’s overall health. Picking up even the most subtle of changes, the system allows the optometrist to do a more thorough assessment of a patient’s vision. With the Optomap also serving as a digital record, it is easier to track changes that may be taking place from year to year. As with any disease, early detection is always best. In many occasions, the Optomap has saved a patient’s vision and in some cases, it has saved a life.


VisiOffice, another technology advancement in optical industry, allows  a patient to have their eyeglasses completely customized to fit their specific visual needs. The Visioffice, manufactured by Essilor of America, Inc., captures a 3-D image of the eyes measuring the exact location of each eye individually. After gathering the information, VisiOffice takes the shape of the frame itself and the visual behavior of the patient into consideration in order to dispense the ideal eyeglasses for a patient’s specific eye care needs.

A visit with your local eye doctor is one of the most important happenings of the year and at Doctors Vision Center network eye care locations, it is treated as such. Schedule your appointment now and be sure to ask the doctor and staff about the Optomap and VisiOffice technologies during your next visit.

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