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We take great care to ensure that our patients are comfortable and confident about their visit with us. A comprehensive eye examination normally takes 45 minutes to an hour. If glasses or contacts are prescribed, you should allow additional time to select your eyeglasses or to be fit and instructed on your contact lenses.

The Eye Exam →

Our eye exams are extremely thorough and we ensure the most precise diagnosis for  vision correction and to detect potential eye care problems and eye diseases.

New Patient Forms →

We will need you to fill out a patient information form and a medical history form. You can print your eye care forms prior to your visit or fill them out at the office.

Vision Insurance →

We accept most major vision insurances and will file insurance claims for you. It is important to understand your coverage since vision care plans vary with most policies.

Vision Diagnostics →

Eye care, like many  medical fields, has undergone tremendous change and improvements with the advances of technology. We use a variety of vision diagnostic tools to ensure healthy eyes and clear vision.

Schedule an Eye Care Appointment →

Doctors Vision Center now part of MyEyeDr. has many eye care centers located throughout North Carolina, from Greensboro to Wilmington and from  Raleigh to Charlotte. We also have several eye care centers in Virginia and South Carolina. Visit us at one of our convenient eye care locations:

Eye Care Locations