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Quality Prescription Contact Lenses in North Carolina

We make purchasing prescription contact lenses convenient reliable and affordable. We only dispense contact lenses which meet the stringent approval of our eye doctors and we know are the best for our patients. We offer contact lens programs that offer savings up to 30% with free delivery and other benefits. Get the medical expertise, quality, trust, and value you deserve by purchasing your contact lenses with Doctors Vision Center.

Our eye doctors will select the contact lens best suited for your eyes, your vision, and your lifestyle. Our trained contact lens staff will guide you in the use and care of your contact lenses. Just ask us for details.


Proclear 1 Day from Coopervision

All the convenience of a daily disposable contact lenses with an unsurpassed level of comfort all day long.

Cooper Vision_Proclear 1 Day Multifocal 30 day

Proclear 1 Day Multifocal
from Coopervision

The only contact lens for aging eyes: presbyopia and eye dryness. Enjoy the comfort and freedom of Proclear® 1 day multifocal contacts.

PureVision2 Contact Lenses from Bausch and Lomb

PureVision®2 Contact Lenses

Contact lenses that deliver consistently crisp, clear vision throughout the day – even in low light