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April 10, 2013

Spring Allergies and Contact Lenses

itchy_eyesWe’re finally starting to receive the weather we’ve daydreamed about all winter. The sun is just warm enough to balance the breeze. We couldn’t possibly complain about a thing… until the allergies hit. For many contact lens wearers, spring means discomfort and eye irritation. Here are a few tips to help contact lens wearers brave spring allergy season:

  1. Consider Daily Contact Lenses:
    Research shows that wearing a fresh pair of contact lenses every day provides relief to those suffering from eye allergies. Wearing contacts such as Proclear 1-Day lenses reduces the amount of allergen build-up which, in turn, reduces irritation to the eye.
  2. Follow Recommended Care Instructions:
    Many patients (whether they admit it or not) are guilty of wearing their contacts for longer than prescribed or not cleaning their contacts properly. In eye allergy season, this can lead to more discomfort and irritation. If you wear something other than daily contacts, make sure you follow the care and cleaning instructions to ensure your lenses serve you well without irritation.
  3. Rewetting Drops:
    Rewetting wetting drops or artificial tears can help rinse away allergens and relieve irritation. Ask your doctor what brand of rewetting drops is best for you and your brand of contact lenses.
  4. Wash your hands:
    You may ask why this suggestion would be helpful. Think of it this way: You wash your hands to prevent a cold, right? Washing your hands also prevents allergens from entering your eyes. Make sure your hands are clean when applying your contacts. Maintaining clean hands throughout the day reduces irritation if you happen to scratch or rub you eyes.
  5. Wear Your Eyeglasses:
    On especially windy days, you may want to give your contact lenses a break. Eyeglasses can act as a barrier between your eye and the allergens being carried by the wind. Wearing sunglasses along with your daily contact lenses is also a helpful solution for relief.

If eye allergies cause you severe irritation or pain, make an eye care appointment at your local Doctors Vision Center or affiliated network office for a comprehensive eye exam. Share your concerns with your eye doctor, so that they are able to diagnose whether there are any additional underlying problems.

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